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Time you made the Switch?

With over 15 years experience, our team have been offering fully-funded Renewable Energy solutions to landowners and business owners just like you.

With Green Switch Solutions all of our customers enjoy a dedicated account manager, impeccable levels of customer service and not-to-forget substantial energy savings or guaranteed income year-on-year.

You may not be the first, but don’t be the last

At Green Switch Solutions we’re fortunate enough to work with great clients across the UK and overseas – all of which are now enjoying the benefits of reduced energy rates or substantial revenue.

With over 60 sites under our belt we now want to meet new clients and show them what the future of renewable energy could mean to them.

You’ll be suprised how little it costs

The majority of our solutions are fully-funded so you won’t pay a penny…ever. If you like to read we’ve got bags of statistics – but if you prefer to talk, Request A Callback below:

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Our Services


Solar Farms

Solar Farms from Green Switch Solutions can be installed at absolutely no cost to you! What's more we'll guarantee you an income from your land for 25 years! From your perspective, it couldn’t be easier – learn more about how our process works from lease to go live...all with no cost to you.


Solar Roofs

A Solar Roof solution from Green Switch Solutions can offer not only massive savings on your commercial energy fees but you’re also investing in the future of our planet. A simple phone consultation from a member of our team is all that’s required to recommend a solution for your business.


On-going Maintenance & Construction

Not only do we build great developments and maximise the potential return for our clients' land, we also regularly monitor and maintain the site post ‘go-live’ to ensure all elements of the Solar installation are in perfect working order throughout the term of their life cycle.

Why Green Switch Solutions?


Established in 2010

We’re proud to say that in just 5 years we’ve helped changed the World. At Green Switch Solutions, our team, output and impact has doubled year-on-year and we don’t see that momentum slowing down anytime soon as we expand Internationally…

Our business has found success through helping other companies fulfil their desires to leave a positive legacy upon our Planet and save energy. It’s this success that has driven our team to push harder and deliver more every year.

Our Mission

Every day new consumers are embracing new technology – that’s part of the reason why we’ve made it our mission to offer renewable energy solutions more efficiently, more effectively and in most cases with zero cost to our customers.

We aim to help the environment and save our clients’ money.

Planning for tomorrow, saving from today.


What We’ve Achieved

In 2011, we installed 800 Kilowatts of renewable energy across the UK, with only 5 staff.

By 2013, we had installed 40 Megawatts of renewable energy across the UK, with only 12 staff. This is equivalent to taking 4,000 large cars off the road.

In March 2015, we constructed a 34 Megawatt Photovoltaic array covering over 140 acres of land at Coltishall RAF base in Norfolk.

To date we have developed and constructed over 300 Megawatts of Renewable Energy whilst working with our international partners. That’s 25 years of power for 80,000 homes.

Our Skills

Our bank of skills is growing on a daily basis and we’re constantly growing our team every month.

Every member of staff is proud to be surrounded by some of the greatest minds in our industry. And as a company we’re keen to develop staff from post-graduate level all the way to award-winning industry experts.

We have dedicated planners, solicitiors, engineers and account managers all working effectively to ensure every project receives the highest level of attention and more importantly success.


Our Future

We’re in a time where our service offering is developing daily, new technologies are emerging and we’re keen to ensure our awareness, inception and presentation of these technologies is second to none.

We thrive on being the first to launch as we’re an agile of forward-thinking company who always looks ahead for emerging trends in our industry.

We feel it’s imperative that our customers are fully aware of both present and upcoming technology so they can be assured they are investing in a solution that’s suitable for years to come.

Our Predictions

Moving into 2016 we are focussing heavily on expansion both in our UK headquarters and into new territories across the globe.

We have expansive growth plans outlined and are keen to move into pole-position in multiple countries in the near future.

What our Clients Say

I found Green Switch Solutions to be an extremely professional and responsible development partner. I was particularly impressed that they managed to secure planning permission for my Grade 2 land in such an efficient and timely manner. I had and continue to have a fantastic relationship with my Account Manager who kept me updated and advised me throughout the process and I would recommend Green Switch Solutions to any other landowner wanting to rent out their land for solar farm development.

Landowner 13MW Lincolnshire Solar Farm